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CBD for pets: should you give your cat or dog oil?

Posted by Jacqueline Mcbride

As a pet lover and owner, you would always want to keep your pet happy and healthy always through which you would be open to try new things. You don’t need to try multiple things anymore you just need to try this one, CBD is a natural product made with simple non-toxic ingredients that would make your pet’s feel good after using it.

 What is CBD?

The CBD oil for dogs and cats is cleanly extracted with CO2 and never mixed with toxic chemicals. Just like CBD products that is full of natural and high quality ingredient, so it the one made for animals.

CBD (cannabidiol) is derived from a cannabis plant unlike THC which is also derived from the same plant, due to the fact, CBD has no psychoactive effect it is considered to be safe to use on both humans and animals. In fact, it’s used for medical purposes.

Benefit of using CBD oil

It is legal in some countries already due to the positive medicinal benefits one can derive from it and CBD oil products are aimed at reducing stress, anxiety, pain, help to provide relaxation and free one’s mind.

But, unlike how we have much information on, how to use CBD for humans, we also have little information on the usage of CBD on pets and how it actually works.

According to the American kennel club, there have been no formal studies on how it would affect animals when actually used on them.

Also, due to the fact that the U.S Food and Drug Administration has not approved CBD for use (for pets) and has not approved the recommendation of it. It is advisable to use a small dose first, then monitor the effect before further usage.

CBD products for pets whether oil or in a treat have shown to anecdotally help with issues like pains, anxiety and discomfort.

How to administer CBD to your pet

However, there are various means to administer CBD to your dog or cat but the easiest method is by mixing it in their food due to the fact, that most pets might not allow you apply it orally. So you can start by apply small dosage till the taste gradually get accustomed to them.

Furthermore, apply the right dosage is important as you can’t give less or too much dosage. Naturally a big dog would require a high dosage than a small dog, consider the concentration of CBD and the size of the bottle when calculating the proper dosage for your pet.

Research is still being made to determine the safety usage of CBD for cats or dogs but some through careful observation and advice from your pet doctor it is sure to get a positive outcome. lt also differ on the way you administer CBD to your dog or cat that will determine how fast you would see the result.


It is safe to give your pet CBD meant for human consumption but it is advisable to speak with your vet before giving your animal CBD and use smaller dosage than what is recommended on the bottle

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