Benefits of Being an Exhibitor

An Experiential Marketing Opportunity

People are bombarded with thousands of different products & services each & every day. 15051103437_b57c933bea_zHow do you as a business owner make your product/service the right choice for potential customers?  Answer: Experiential Marketing!  Experiential Marketing allows customers to sense, taste, feel, interact with and relate to your product/service. Experiential Marketing typically generates about 45% more solid leads than cold calling or a blanket marketing campaign.  Savour Superior is the ideal forum for you to get started with your Experiential Marketing!  Don’t try and tell potential customers about the benefits of your products/services.  Instead, meet them at Savour Superior and let people experience the benefits for themselves!  When done correctly, brand loyalty and profitability will follow. 

Immediate Return on Your Investment

While we encourage exhibitors to view Savour Superior as a marketing tool more than a 15051169057_da63504567_zrevenue generating opportunity; a large percentage of the total cost to participate at Food & Drink can be offset by sample ticket reimbursements and product sales. In essence, you are getting your biggest bang for your Marketing Buck!  Every sample ticket you sell is worth $1.  From that dollar .80 cents will be returned to the vendor and .20 cents will be donated to our partners the United Way of Thunder Bay and the Regional Food Distribution Association (RFDA).  Your business can participate in this fantastic 2 day event knowing you are also helping our community. 

Instant Feedback from Your Local & Direct Market

We are all trying to create unique & cutting edge brands for our companies.   Savour 15050938789_55ba9f6839_zSuperior is the perfect opportunity to test out a new product or reacquaint the affluent “Foodies” of the region with one of your signature products. This important face-to-face access to “The Foodies” and personally hearing their feedback will help your company reach its full potential in terms of customer service, company image, product quality and popularity. Remember, when a person attends a consumer trade show, they are giving you permission to engage them and sell to them. So, be prepared to do so!

Network with the Best in the Industry15234592431_66acf8f541_z

Savour Superior creates two parties which will go on during the festival:  Interaction between the consumers and exhibitors and the networking party amongst all of the exhibitors.   Exhibitors are constantly making connections, partnerships and learning tips and tricks from each other to better each individual company and the region’s food and beverage industry as a whole…and they are having fun while they do it!

Be A Part of Ontario’s Best Kept Secret!

Let’s work together to put Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario on the map as a culinary destination!  We are known for our great outdoors, let’s add our unique culinary experience to the menu as one more great reason to visit our city and region!15237853935_c4bed29ea7_z

Northwestern Ontario is quickly becoming the place for a diverse, affluent, and innovative group of people in the 25-55 age demographic to live, work and play.  These are the same people that want to go out, try new things and eagerly bring their friends and family to festivals such as Savour Superior.  

The team at Savour Superior recognizes the positive changes happening in the area and we strive to be a part of the fabric of this emerging region.  Food and drink works to be the platform where residents and tourists alike are introduced to and celebrate everything this region has to offer.

Why not be a part of something that celebrates you…the artists of food & drink!

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