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What is the Difference Between CBD and CBG?

Posted by Darrin Garza

CBD is undoubtedly popular. More Cannabidiol products are available on the open market and it’s an interesting prospect, to say the least. However, this is still pretty new to most people and they are unsure about the use of Cannabinoids. It’s understandable but when you throw CBG or Cannabigerol into the ring, it brings more confusion. For some, they honestly believe all Cannabinoids are the same when the reality is far from that. So, what’s the difference between CBD and CBG, and are they both safe to use?

Understanding Cannabigerol and Cannabidiol

As said, CBD and CBG are both cannabinoids and are sourced from the cannabis plant. Fortunately, they share the same common element – they aren’t intoxicating. So, in simple terms, that means you can’t technically get high from them. That is so important because if either is being used as a pain remedy or for another medical reason, you wouldn’t want to feel the effects of THC. It’s the one factor that puts most people off trying any cannabinoids, but genuine CBD manufacturers are restricted to 0.3% of THC. That means the THC isn’t sufficient enough to cause you to feel high.

Cannabigerol is interesting because it can be used to create CBD. When CBG is heated, it breaks down the compounds and creates CBD. It also forms CBC and THC. Check here!

Differences in Research

Cannabidiol has had a fair amount of time spent researching it and its various uses. On the other hand, CBG has had very little research completed on it. Of course, the two work differently within the body. CBD indirectly interacts with the endocannabinoid system whereas CBG interacts with the brain’s receptors. Unfortunately, more research is needed to know the full extent of the impact on the body, especially with long-term use.

Is CBD and CBG Safe to Use?

CBD is widely used and many people who have researched this believe it’s safe to use – as long as it is manufactured and used correctly. Of course, this is an industry that’s, unfortunately, unregulated on some levels. While THC levels in CBD are supposed to be lower than 0.3%, that doesn’t stop unscrupulous people from neglecting this. And even some legitimate manufacturers have overshot this amount. The problem is tracing back the exact source of the CBD and it’s the same with Cannbigerol.

On the other hand, CBG has only had preliminary studies on lab rats and that leaves a lot to be desired. More research is needed for both CBD and CBG. While CBD is considered fairly safe, long-term use is still fairly unknown.

Cannabinoids Have Their Uses

CBG and CBD have many uses but there remain a few sticking points with both. Of course, scientists will continue to research Cannbigerol and Cannabidiol. They could have important medical uses and may even be streamlined into everyday medicines. That would certainly be a major achievement but for the moment, CBD oil may remain the only product seen on shelves. Cannabigerol does show some promise and whoever knows where it’ll lead to. You can know more at https://www.savoursuperior.com/why-are-people-eating-cbd-and-will-it-get-me-high/

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